Annual Financial Statement
For Colorado Charitable Organizations


This is estimated financial information for a charitable organization:  No 

Registration Number: 20083006987
Renewal Id: 20093002608

This financial report covers the fiscal year beginning:10/01/2007     and ending:09/30/2008     

Organization Information
1. Organization's name:  THISTLE COMMUNITY HOUSING                         

2. Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN):  74-2449502          

3. Organization's principal address:
      Street address:  1845 FOLSOM STREET                                    
      City:  BOULDER                    State:  CO  Zip:  80302        Country:  United States            

Fiscal year ends:  09/30 

If incorporated, date incorporated:  10/22/1985. State of incorporation:   CO

If not incorporated:
      Type of organization:                              
      Date established:          State established:  

4. Telephone number:

5. Has the organization applied for or been granted IRS tax exempt status?  Yes
    If 'Yes', date of determination letter, or of application if determination is pending:  07/31/1987     
    If tax-exempt, IRS code:  501(C)(3) 
    Are contributions to the organization tax deductible?  Yes

6. NTEE codes that describe your organization:

Financial Summary as of most recent fiscal year end (line numbers are from Form 990)
7. Revenue (Amounts Received During the Year):
    Contributions:  $77,871.00            
    Government Grants:  $2,569,897.00         
    Program Service Revenue:  $0.00                 
    Investments:  $0.00                 
    Special Events and Activities:  $0.00                 
    Sales:  $0.00                 
    Other:  $0.00                 
    Total Revenue (sum of all revenue items above):  $2,647,768.00         

8. Expenses (Amounts Paid Out During the Year):
    Program Services:  $6,329,877.00         
    Administration - Management and general:  $588,111.00           
    Fundraising:  $67,713.00            
    Total Expenses (sum of expense items listed above):  $6,985,701.00         

9. Summary of Balance Sheet as of Fiscal Year End:
    Total Assets, End of Year:  $14,853,361.00        
    Total Liabilities, End of Year:  $38,389,290.00        
    Net Assets, End of Year (Total Assets - Total Liabilities):  -$23,535,929.00       
           Unrestricted Net Assets, End of Year:   $0.00                 
           Permanently Restricted Net Assets, End of Year:   $0.00                 
           Temporarily Restricted Net Assets, End of Year:   $0.00                 

Professional Fundraisers
10. Paid Solicitor / Professional Fund Raising Consultant Organization or Individual

Other Information
11. Fundraising Professionals:
      Outside Professional Fundraiser fees:$0.00                 

12. Is your organization related (other than by association with a statewide of nationwide
     organization) through membership, governing bodies, trustees, officers, etc., to
     any other exempt or nonexempt organization?:  No 
        If 'Yes', the name of the related organization(s):                                     
        Is this related organization an exempt organization?:  No 

13. Did your organization solicit any contributions or gifts that were not tax
     deductible?:   No 
        If ''Yes'' did the organization include with every solicitation an express statement that
        such contributions or gifts were not tax deductible?:    N/A

14. List the states with which you are registered to conduct solicitations from, or from which
     you have been granted an exemption:

15. Name of authorized officer who signed this annual financial report:
          Name:  MARY ROOSEVELT                                               
          Date:  03/13/2009