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Official Publication of the State Administrative Rules (24-4-103(11) C.R.S.)

Details of Tracking Number  2019-00099

CCR details

Tracking Number 2019-00099
Type of Filing Permanent Rule
Department 1000 Department of Public Health and Environment
Agency 1011 Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division (1011, 1015 Series)
CCR Number 6 CCR 1015-4

Proposed rule

Notice Filed with SOS 02/27/2019
Rule ProposedRuleAttach2019-00099.pdf
Additional Information AddInfoAttach2019-00099.pdf
Statutory Authority 25-3.5-702(3) C.R.S and 25-3.5-704(2)(d) C.R.S
Description of Subjects/Issues The proposed rule changes seek to ensure that patient safety and adequate care are provided by standardizing expectations about what will be available in facilities choosing to expand their scope of care beyond the minimum requirements for the designation level. The amendments do not change the current standards for trauma designation but lay out additional requirements for lower level trauma centers providing care to trauma patients with brain and spinal cord/column injuries as well as clarifying types of patients that may be kept after consultation.
Purpose/Objective of Rule This rule identifies neurosurgical capability as a potential expanded scope service offered by Level III trauma centers and adds specifications regarding what types of trauma patients with brain and spinal cord/column injuries may be kept at Level III and IV designated trauma centers.
Basis And Purpose BasisAndPurposeAttachment2019-00099.doc
Regulatory analysis RegulatoryAnalysisAttachment2019-00099.doc
Submitted in response to issues raised by COLS/OLLS? No
Is this rule adopted in response to recent legislation? No
Hearing Date 04/17/2019
Hearing Time 10:00 AM
Hearing Location 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Contact Name Martin Duffy
Contact Title Nurse Consultant
Contact Telephone 303-692-6495
Contact email martin.duffy@state.co.us

Adopted rule

Adopted Rules AdoptedRules02019-00099.doc
Redline Redline2019-00099.pdf
Adopted Date 04/17/2019
AGO requested date 04/22/2019
Attorney General Opinion 05/02/2019
Colorado Register publication date 05/25/2019
Effective Date 06/14/2019
Inserted into CCR 05/31/2019