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Official Publication of the State Administrative Rules (24-4-103(11) C.R.S.)

Details of Tracking Number  2018-00725

CCR details

Tracking Number 2018-00725
Type of Filing Permanent Rule
Department 1507 Department of Public Safety
Agency 1507 Division of Fire Prevention and Control
CCR Number 8 CCR 1507-53

Proposed rule

Notice Filed with SOS 12/30/2018
Rule ProposedRuleAttach2018-00725.doc
Statutory Authority Pursuant to Section 24-33.5-1203.5(2)(b), C.R.S., the Director of the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control shall promulgate rules adopting nationally recognized standards that the Director reasonably finds necessary to carry out the purposes and provisions of Part 14 of Article 20 of Title 30 (Strategies for Waste Tires).
Description of Subjects/Issues The purpose of this rule change is threefold. First, this rule change intends to remove direct references to adopted Codes and Standards under Article 3 and replace it with a reference to 8 CCR 1507-101 (BUILDING AND FIRE CODE ADOPTION AND CERTIFICATION OF INSPECTORS FOR FIRE & LIFE SAFETY PROGRAMS ADMINISTERED BY THE STATE OF COLORADO), which is a consolidation of all Codes and Standards referenced in the rules promulgated for the programs administered by the Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Prevention & Control. Second, this rule change updates the name of the Division to “Division of Fire Prevention and Control” and updates the citations within the rule for the Waste Tire Strategies statute to “30-20-1401, et seq., C.R.S.” Third and finally, this rule change adds a new Article 5 regarding inquiries to the Division.
Purpose/Objective of Rule see attachments
Basis And Purpose BasisAndPurposeAttachment2018-00725.pdf
Submitted in response to issues raised by COLS/OLLS? No
Is this rule adopted in response to recent legislation? No
Hearing Date 01/31/2019
Hearing Time 09:00 AM
Hearing Location 690 Kipling St, 1st floor conference room
Contact Name Chris Brunette
Contact Title Fire & Life Safety Section Chief
Contact Telephone 303-239-4101
Contact email chris.brunette@state.co.us

Adopted rule

Adopted Rules AdoptedRules02018-00725.doc
Redline Redline2018-00725.doc
Adopted Date 02/08/2019
AGO requested date 02/08/2019
Attorney General Opinion 02/22/2019
Colorado Register publication date 03/10/2019
Effective Date 03/30/2019
Inserted into CCR 03/27/2019