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Official Publication of the State Administrative Rules (24-4-103(11) C.R.S.)

Details of Tracking Number  2012-00702

CCR details

Tracking Number 2012-00702
Type of Filing Permanent Rule
Department 700 Department of Regulatory Agencies
Agency 723 Public Utilities Commission
CCR Number 4 CCR 723-2

Proposed rule

Notice Filed with SOS 08/07/2012
Rule ProposedRuleAttach2012-00702.DOC
Additional Information AddInfoAttach2012-00702.PDF
Statutory Authority Sections 24-4-103, 40-2-108, 40-3-110, 40-4-101, 40-15-101, 40-15-201, 40-15-207, 40-15-208, 40-15-301, 40-15-307, 40-15-501, and 40-15-503(5), C.R.S.
Applicable Federal Provisions n/a
Description of Subjects/Issues amendments proposed in response to significant technological and marketplace changes in the telecommunications industry and to further the policy goals of encouraging the continued emergence of a competitive telecommunications environment while protecting and maintaining a wide availability of high-quality telecommunications services.
Purpose/Objective of Rule These rules set forth a regulatory framework for determining the existence of effective competition areas (ECA) for basic services; setting a relaxed regulatory scheme for ECAs; eliminating or reducing funding from the High Cost Support Mechanism (HCSM) in such areas; addressing limited treatment of Internet Protocol (IP) enabled and Interconnected Voice over IP (VoIP) services; and making permanent certain emergency rules.
Basis And Purpose BasisandPurposeAttachment2012-00702.PDF
Comments Rules adopted December 17, 2012 were subsequently revised in rehearing, reargument and reconsideration. Further rehearing, reargument or reconsideration of these revisions was denied so the revisions became final on March 13, 2013. The Decisions tracking this process are attached for reference.
Submitted in response to issues raised by COLS/OLLS? No
Is this rule adopted in response to recent legislation?
Hearing Date 10/01/2012
Hearing Time 09:00 AM
Hearing Location Colorado Public Utilities Commission, 1560 Broadway, Suite 250, Denver, CO 80202
Contact Name Becky Quintana
Contact Title Supervisor, Policy Advisors & Internal Support
Contact Telephone 303-894-2881
Contact email Rebecca.Quintana@state.co.us

Adopted rule

Adopted Rules AdoptedRules02012-00702.DOC
Redline Redline2012-00702.PDF
Adopted Date 03/13/2013
AGO requested date 03/14/2013
Attorney General Opinion 03/14/2013
Effective Date 04/14/2013
Inserted into CCR 04/05/2013