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Official Publication of the State Administrative Rules (24-4-103(11) C.R.S.)

Details of Tracking Number  2007-00178

CCR details

Tracking Number 2007-00178
Type of Filing Permanent Rule
Department 700 Department of Regulatory Agencies
Agency 716 Division of Professions and Occupations - Board of Nursing
CCR Number 3 CCR 716-1

Proposed rule

Notice Filed with SOS 02/16/2007
Rule ProposedRuleAttach2007-00178.rtf
Additional Information AddInfoAttach2007-00178.rtf
Statutory Authority C.R.S. 12-38-108(1)(j)and(k), C.R.S. 12-38.1-103(3); C.R.S. 12-38-116.5(3)(b)(I) and 12-38-117(1)(f); C.R.S. 12-38.1-114(12) and 12-38.1-111(1)(f); and C.R.S. 12-42-113(1)(f)
Description of Subjects/Issues Repeal of Chapter XVIII: "Rules and Regulations Concerning Reporting Requirements"
Purpose/Objective of Rule The pupose of these rules is in order to protect the people of this state from the unauthorized, unqualified and improper application of services by nurses, nurse aides, and psychiatric technicians, it is necessary to received timely reports regarding licensees whose practice may have failed ot meet generally accepted standards or whose conduct appears to have violated the Nurse Practice Act.
Comments These rules were repealed in their entirety on August 1, 2007 by the State Board of Nursing. The rulemaking hearing took place April 25, 2007.
Submitted in response to issues raised by COLS/OLLS? No
Is this rule adopted in response to recent legislation?
Hearing Date 04/25/2007
Hearing Time 10:30 AM
Hearing Location 1560 Broadway, Suite 110
Contact Name Megan Griffith
Contact Title Licensing Specialist
Contact Telephone 303-894-2820
Contact email Megan.Griffith@dora.state.co.us

Adopted rule

Adopted Rules AdoptedRules02007-00178.RTF
Redline Redline2007-00178.RTF
Adopted Date 08/01/2007
AGO requested date 08/09/2007
Attorney General Opinion 08/16/2007
Effective Date 10/01/2007
Inserted into CCR 09/06/2007