Picture of the Colorado State Seal

Secretary of State
Wayne W. Williams

Picture of Secretary of State Wayne W. Williams

Picture of the Colorado State Seal.

Secretary of State
Wayne W. Williams


Information Policy Task Force Members



Donetta Davidson, Colorado Secretary of State

State Legislators

Ken Gordon, Colorado State Senator

Matt Smith, Colorado State Representative


Kathy Krause, Senior Counsel, Qwest Communications

Banks/Financial Services

Dave Baker, Executive Vice President, First Banks of Colorado

Bill Mitchell, Heritage Bank

Citizens 55 or Older

Jay Keyworth, Board Member, Hewlett Packard, former Reagan Science Advisor


Ron Binz, President, Competition Policy Institute, former Office of Consumer Counsel Director

County Clerks and Recorders

Sarah Rosene, Grand County Clerk & Recorder

Executive Branch

Rick O’Donnell, Director of Policy and Initiatives, Governor's Office

Health Care Providers

Larry Wolk, Vice President & Senior Medical Director, CIGNA Healthcare

Insurance Agencies

Jamie Hamilton, President & CEO, Home Loan Investment Company, Grand Junction

Law Enforcement Agencies

Al Dominguez, Weld County District Attorney

Medical and Pharmaceutical Researchers/ Manufacturers

Spencer Guthrie, Glaxosmithkline

Private Investigators

Joe Dickerson, Dickerson Financial Investigation Group

Providers/Collectors of Personal Electronic Data

Amy Redfern, Executive Director, StorageTek

Small Businesses

Dr Stephen Lucas, Privacy Council

Telecommunications Services

Jim Ginsburg, Jones Intercable

Telemarketing/Direct Mail Businesses

Mary Pat Adams