Lobbyist Filing Calendars

Professional lobbyist filing calendar
State liaison filing calendar

Professional lobbyist filing calendar

  Date due*
2018 Registration Statement Can be filed any time before lobbying activity begins in a fiscal year (July 1 of the current year through June 30 of the following year).
2018 Termination Statement Can be filed anytime after registering and when lobbying activity has concluded.
2017-2018 Disclosures
July 8/15/2017
August 9/15/2017
September 10/16/2017
October 11/15/2017
November 12/15/2017
December 1/16/2018
January 2/15/2018
February 3/15/2018
March 4/16/2018
April 5/15/2018
May 6/15/2018
June 7/16/2018
Cumulative Disclosure Statement 7/16/2018

* Date due: If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, disclosure reports must be filed by the next business day.


Reports filed Fine
1 - 10 days late $20 per day until the report is filed.
11 or more days late $20 per day for the first 10 days
$50 per day beginning on the 11th day until the report is filed.


Revised on August 8, 2017