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Picture of Secretary of State Wayne W. Williams

Picture of the Colorado State Seal.

Secretary of State
Wayne W. Williams


C.R.S. Title 12 Professions and Occupations

Article 47.1 Colorado Limited Gaming Act

Section 301

12-47.1-301 Colorado limited gaming control commission - creation

(1) There is hereby created, within the division of gaming, the Colorado limited gaming control commission. The commission shall consist of five members, all of whom shall be citizens of the United States and residents of this state who have been residents of the state for the past five years. The members shall be appointed by the governor, with the consent and approval of the senate. No member shall have been convicted of a felony or gambling-related offense, notwithstanding the provisions of section 24-5-101, C.R.S. No more than three of the five members shall be members of the same political party and no more than one member shall be from any one congressional district. At the first meeting of each fiscal year, a chairman and vice-chairman of the commission shall be chosen from the membership by a majority of the members. Membership and operation of the commission shall additionally meet the following requirements:

(a) One member of the commission shall have had at least five years' law enforcement experience as a peace officer certified pursuant to section 24-31-305, C.R.S.; one member shall be an attorney admitted to the practice of law in Colorado for not less than five years and who has experience in regulatory law; one member shall be a certified public accountant or public accountant who has been practicing in Colorado for at least five years and who has a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of corporate finance; one member shall have been engaged in business in a management-level capacity for at least five years; and one member shall be a registered elector of the state who is not employed in any profession or industry otherwise described in this paragraph (a).

(b) Initial members shall be appointed to the commission by the governor as follows: One member to serve until July 1, 1992, one member to serve until July 1, 1993, one member to serve until July 1, 1994, and two members to serve until July 1, 1995. All subsequent appointments shall be for terms of four years. No member of the commission shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms.

(c) Any vacancy on the commission shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointment. The member appointed to fill such vacancy shall be from the same category described in paragraph (a) of this subsection (1) as the member vacating the position.

(d) Any member of the commission may be removed by the governor at any time.

(e) The term of any member of the commission who misses more than two consecutive regular commission meetings without good cause shall be terminated and such member's successor shall be appointed in the manner provided for appointments under this section.

(f) Commission members shall receive as compensation for their services one hundred dollars for each day spent in the conduct of commission business and shall be reimbursed for necessary travel and other reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties. The maximum annual compensation for each member of the commission, including reimbursement for necessary travel and other reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties, shall not exceed ten thousand dollars per year.

(g) Prior to confirmation by the senate, each member shall file with the secretary of state a financial disclosure statement in the form required and prescribed by the executive director. Such statement shall be renewed as of each January 1 during the member's term of office.

(h) The commission shall hold at least one meeting each month and such additional meetings as may be prescribed by rules of the commission. In addition, special meetings may be called by the chairman, any two commission members, or the director, if written notification of such meeting is delivered to each member at least seventy-two hours prior to such meeting. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 24-6-402, C.R.S., in emergency situations in which a majority of the commission certifies that exigencies of time require that the commission meet without delay, the requirements of public notice and of seventy-two hours' actual advance written notice to members may be dispensed with, and commission members as well as the public shall receive such notice as is reasonable under the circumstances.

(i) A majority of the commission shall constitute a quorum, but the concurrence of a majority of the members appointed to the commission shall be required for any final determination by the commission.

(j) The commission shall keep a complete and accurate record of all its meetings.


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