What happens at the Secretary of State's Office?

The Secretary of State focuses primarily on collecting information and making it available to the people. Whether you’re checking on a business or to see if someone is a voter, the Secretary of State collects that information and helps people find the information.

The Secretary of State’s office is separated into divisions focused on business registrations, licensing of charities and notary publics and running fair elections.

People who have a business or start a business must first register their name and location on the Secretary of State’s web site. At the same time, anyone wanting to find a business in Colorado can search for that business also on the web site.

Similarly, the Secretary keeps track of charities and the money donated to these groups. This helps people in Colorado to donate wisely and see how their contribution is being used.

Finally, the Secretary of State works with Colorado’s 64 county clerk and recorders to run most of the elections in the state. This includes everything from helping people run for office to creating ballots. The Secretary of State’s office and the county clerks want to make sure that the elections are run fair and that everyone obeys the laws.

These are some of the things done by the Secretary of State to help serve the people in Colorado.