2016 General Election Unaffiliated and RTD Lot Drawing Results

A lot drawing was held at the Secretary of State’s Office on September 1, 2016 to determine the ballot order for unaffiliated and non-partisan candidates. The results of the drawing are below. Please note the unaffiliated candidates will appear after the major and minor party candidates on the general election ballot.

Excel version (XLS) Excel version - General UNA and RTD lot drawing results (XLSX)

Office District Candidate Ballot position
US Senate State Dan Chapin 2
US Senate State Paul Noel Fiorino 3
US Senate State Bill Hammons 1
RTD Director A Regan Byrd 1
RTD Director A Mike Cerbo 4
RTD Director A Aaron Goldhamer 3
RTD Director A Kate Williams 2
RTD Director E JM (Maria J) Fay 2
RTD Director E Claudia L. Folska 1
RTD Director I Véronique Marie Bellamy 1
RTD Director I Lee Kemp 2
RTD Director I Judy Lubow 3
RTD Director M Natalie Menten 2
RTD Director M Dave Ruchman 1


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