Ranked Voting Method Request for Written Comments

The Colorado Secretary of State is developing a report that will be provided to the 2011 Colorado General Assembly on issues relating to conducting elections using ranked voting methods.  From December 15, 2010 to January 14, 2011, our office solicited written comments from interested parties regarding the following: 

  • Recommendations for changes to Colorado statutes, rules, and local voting procedures that would be required to implement ranked voting as a permanent alternative election method for state, federal, and local special and general elections;
  • An assessment of any elections conducted using ranked voting methods by local governments and by home rule cities or cities and counties from August 5, 2008, through the November 2010 General Election;
  • Election equipment necessary for conducting elections using ranked voting methods, including the costs associated with the equipment; and
  • Any recommendations made by the designated election officials of local governments that conducted an election using a ranked voting method. 

We want to thank everyone who submitted comments and information. Please click the following links to view copies of the comments received: