Help America Vote Subcommittee Objectives

I. Poll Workers
a.      Outreach to Student
b.      Recruitment of judges in high schools and colleges
c.      Training Manuals and Materials
              i.      Students
              ii.      Election Judges
d.      Format of Training Materials
e.      Ad Council/Literacy Council Advisory
II.  Voters/Public/Media
a.      Outreach to Public
b.      Outreach to Voters
c.      Outreach to Media
d.      Use of Media-Multiple formats
              i.      Print
              ii.      Broadcast
              iii.      Internet
III.  County Clerk/Election Staff
a.      How Often to Train
b.      Accredited for Hours
c.      Format of Training
d.      Training Materials
e.      Consistency of Training
f.       Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
IV.  Complaint Review
a.      Setting Up Submission Process
b.      Setting Up Review Process
c.      Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
d.      Forms
e.      Manuals
f.       Resolution Process
g.      Within HAVA Timelines
h.      Rules
i.       Define Public Record
V.  Military/Overseas
a.      Effective Communication Lines Between Armed Forces and Election Officials
              i.      State
              ii.      Local
b.      Address Changes
c.      Education Materials
d.      Use of Media in Process
e.      Registration Absentee Application
f.        Different Methods of Voting
               i.      Blank Ballot
               ii.      Fax
               iii.      Absentee
g.      Working with FVAP where possible
VI.  Accessibility and Outreach
a.      Polling Place
              i.      Permanent
              ii.      Temporary
b.      Polling Place Accessibility Survey
c.      Direct Record Electronic (DRE) for Each Polling Location
d.      Multi State Compact
               i.      How to Handle Training & Support for Small Counties
e.      Bi-Lingual Issues
                i.      Training Materials
                ii.      Communications
VII. Computer/Systems Training
a.      Training of Staff
               i.      Clerical
               ii.      Technical
               iii.      Drivers License
               iv.      Social Service
b.      Training Materials/Format
c.      Training on Computer
               i.      Needs Analysis Survey
VIII. Equipment Needs Assessment
a.      Survey and Forms
b.      Space
c.      Type of Equipment
d.      Branches
IX. Equipment Service
a.      Needs of State
b.      Survey of Resources – In the Field
              i.      Local Entities
              ii.      State Venders
c.      Maintenance