Officially Licensed Petition Entities

License number
Entity namePetitions currently circulating
Proposed initiative #Approved date
2014004 Ballot Access LLC
2010005 Ballot Initiative Access
2014001 Black Diamond Outreach, LLC
2014007 Blitz Canvassing, LLC
2014012 Buzzards Bay Strategies
2014010 Concepts of Marketing Management
2014006 Democracy 4 US
2014014 Encore Political Services, LLC
2013001 Fieldworks, LLC
2014008 John Burkett
2014005 Kelvin Moore
2010004 Kennedy Enterprises LLC
2014009 Linda M. Reneau
2010006 NW Democracy Resources
2014003 PCI Consultants, Inc
2014002 Prohibit Penalties for the Possession of Cannabis
2014011 Right to Know Colorado GMO
2010001 Rocky Mountain Voter Outreach, LLC
2012001 Taylor Petition Management, LLC
2014013 Ty VanAlstine ENT