VI. Filing the Petition for Verification of Signatures

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To be placed on the ballot, a petition must receive 5% of the total votes cast for all candidates for the Office of Secretary of State at the previous general election.


(total votes cast) x (.05) = (requirement)


Using the total number of votes cast at the November 2, 2010 General Election:

(1,722,096) x (.05) = (86,105)

Therefore, the signature requirement for state initiatives for 2011-2012 is 86,105.

The current signature requirements for statewide initiatives can be found on our website.

Initiative petitions must be filed with the Secretary of State within six months from the date of the final language set by the Title Board. Alternatively, the Colorado Constitution requires petitions to be filed no later than 3 months before the election.

If the Title Board's decision is appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court, signatures may be collected during the appeal process. However, if the court decision includes changes in the wording of the initiative titles, the signatures collected during the appeal process are not valid.

For additional information, see Article V, Section 1(2) of the Colorado Constitution and sections 1-40-107 and 1-40-108(1), C.R.S.