V. Circulation of Petition: Gathering Signatures

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Petitions may be circulated after the petition format has been approved by the Secretary of State and the petition entity has been licensed and registered with the Secretary of State's office (if petition circulators will receive compensation).


1. Training for Petition Entity Representatives & Petition Circulators

The Secretary of State circulator training program provides an overview of the steps and processes involved with circulating petitions and how to avoid potential fraudulent activities. In addition, the training provides a summary of circulator rights and responsibilities to help prepare them for gathering signatures.

The proponents of an initiative petition or the representatives of a petition entity must inform paid and volunteer circulators that training is available.

Completing the training program is one way that a circulator may comply with the requirement in the circulator's affidavit that a circulator has read and understands the laws pertaining to petition circulation.

To obtain a petition entity license as described in this manual, at least one representative of a petition entity is required to participate in the Secretary of State training program.

Training guide for petition entity representatives and petition circulators

Petition representatives and circulators should review Article 40, Title 1, C.R.S., and the instructions outlined in this manual.