XI. Appendix A: Glossary of Common Terms

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Ballot Title

The language that is printed on the ballot that contains the submission clause and title.


Constitutional amendment

A proposed change to the Colorado Constitution.



A measure proposed by petition of eligible electors to amend or add to the Colorado Constitution or the Colorado Statutes.


Petition circulator 

A person who represents a petition to place a measure on the ballot and collects the signatures of other electors who may be interested in signing it.


Petition entity

Any person or issue committee that provides compensation to a circulator to circulate a ballot petition. [Section 1-40-135, C.R.S.]


Statutory proposition

A proposed change to the Colorado Revised Statutes.


Submission clause 

Phrase that precedes the ballot title after it is set, which asks voters whether the statutory proposition or constitutional amendment should be adopted as proposed.