Standalone Candidates

What is a standalone candidate?

Candidates who spend only their own money and do not accept or seek contributions from any other person or entity are not required to register a candidate committee.


Do I have to file disclosure reports?

Yes, standalone candidates are required to file disclosure reports for reporting periods in which they make expenditures.  Follow the same disclosure schedule as candidate committees.  Candidates who make no expenditures are not required to file disclosure reports, but are encouraged to file reports in the interest of full disclosure to the public.


What is considered a 'contribution'?

monetary or non-monetary, a.k.a. in-kind


What needs to be included on a disclosure report?

Expenditures of $20 or more must be itemized on disclosure reports.


What is 'itemization'?

Itemization means listing each contribution individually with the name and address of the contributor.


Do I need to file anything after the election?  

Standalone candidates are no longer considered candidates upon losing the race or election to office. These individuals do not need to take affirmative action to end their candidacy, and are no longer required to file disclosure reports. Candidates wishing to exit the race prior to the election must submit a written withdrawal, and must file disclosure reports for any reporting periods in which they made expenditures until such writing is submitted (or the election occurs).