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Accessing the Ballot

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Accessing the Ballot

How do I get my name on the ballot?

There are a few ways to get your name on the ballot depending on the office you are running for. Typically you may choose from the assembly, petition, or write-in processes.

From the Candidate home page, in the left column, select the office you are interested in.  You will then see a list of ways you can get your name on the ballot. Select one of the options to review the complete process. You may need to review all available processes in order to select the one that best meets your needs.


Can I withdrawal my candidacy?


If you have already been designated or nominated to the ballot by party assembly or by petition, you may complete the Statement of Withdrawal (PDF) form, which must be notarized. If the form is not filed in time for the candidate's name to be taken off the ballot, any votes cast for the candidate will be deemed invalid and will not be counted.  

If you are a candidate but have not yet been designated or nominated to the ballot, you may submit a signed letter of termination.

You may submit either the Statement of Withdrawal (PDF) form or your letter of termination to:  

Colorado Secretary of State
Attention: Ballot Access
1700 Broadway, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80290


I have more questions.

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