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Special District Candidates       2012 election information (PDF)

Q1. What forms do I have to file once I become a candidate?

A1. You must file a candidate affidavit (PDF) or self-nomination form within 10 days of becoming a candidate.  These forms are filed with the designated election official in the district where you are seeking office.   

A self-nomination form can be found at the Department of Local Affairs (form B-9). 


Q2. Do I have to register a candidate committee?

A2. If you are only spending your own money in support of your candidacy, you are not required to register a candidate committee.  If you plan to accept contributions, you must register a candidate committee before accepting any contributions.  A candidate can be the only member of their candidate committee.


Q4. Do I have to file campaign finance disclosures?

A4. Once you have raised or spent an aggregate of $20, you must file disclosure reports. Committeess must file even during periods of zero activity once they pass the $20 threshhold; these reports must be filed for as long as the committee remains open.

These reports are filed with our office, not with the designated election official or county clerk and recorder.


Q5. What happens if I file my disclosure reports after the due date?

A5.  Penalties of $50 per day are assessed for late reports.


Q6.  Is there anyone I can't accept contributions from?

A6.  You cannot accept contributions from:

  • Corporations (profit, nonprofit, domestic and foreign)
  • Labor organizations
  • Foreign governments and citizens
  • Anonymous or unknown persons (identity of the person contributing is unknown)


Q7. Do I have to list all of my contributors on my reports?

A7. If a contributor gives $20 or more in the aggregate during the reporting period, the contributor must be listed individually on your report.  See the contributions FAQs for more information about contributions.


Q8. When are reports due?

A8. See the special district filing calendar.


Q9. I have other questions about special district elections.

A9. Questions about special district elections should be directed to the designated election official or the Department of Local Affairs.