12. Charity Trends

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Charitable organizations use a variety of methods to raise funds to support their missions.  The method many people think of first (contracting with a paid solicitor), is used by a relatively small number of charities.

To put such solicitation campaigns into perspective, consider that there were 10,452 charities registered to solicit in Colorado as of Nov. 30, 2012, yet only 291 different charities were listed on the 462 solicitation campaign financial reports filed in 2012.  Thus, less than 3% of all registered charities contracted with paid solicitors, and the contributions brought in by organizations using a paid solicitor was 0.54% of all total contributions raised by all registered charities.

Nevertheless, these direct mail, radio, and telemarketing campaigns have a big public impact.  The 2012 Annual Report on Charitable Solicitations summarizes the results of these solicitation campaigns, and excerpts the most pertinent financial information provided by all 10,452 registered charities.


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