Instructions for Creating an Account

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What is a professional fundraising consultant?

A professional fundraising consultant:

  • Is a person who is hired by a charitable organization to plan, manage, advise, consult, or prepare material for the purpose of soliciting charitable contributions in Colorado. 
  • Does not directly solicit or employ anyone to solicit contributions.
  • Is not an officer or regular employee of a charitable organization.
A professional fundraising consultant only needs to register if he or she has custody or control of contributions from a solicitation campaign at any time. [1]


Why do I need an account?

You must create an account before registering as a professional fundraising consultant.  Only people with access to this account can file documents or make changes to your records. 


How do I create an account?

  • Enter the name of the authorized officer.  What is an authorized officer?

  • Enter an email address.  Our office will use this email address to contact the professional fundraising consultant about the account and any filings.  Examples might include resetting a password or sending reminders about filing deadlines.

  • Enter a daytime telephone number.


I have created an account.  What's next?

An email with your new user ID and password will be sent to the email address entered on the form.

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[1] 6-16-104.3(3), C.R.S.