Business Entity Search Tips

(This does not apply to "Name availability" searches.)

  • Search by the ID number when you can.  These searches are faster and will give you better results.
  • If you have trouble finding a business name, don't enter the full name.   Try searching for one or two key words.
  • Don't use punctuation.
  • If the entity name begins with initials, group the initials into one word.  For example, to find "A.C.E. Computers, Inc.", try searching for "ACE Computers".
  • Don't use Boolean logic.

If your search gives you a list of possible matches, click on an ID number to choose one.

Search results are listed in alphabetical order.

Our records will show "A", "An" or "The" at the beginning of the name.  "An Original Company, LLC" would be found under "A", not under "O".

If your search has more than 20 possible matches, the results list will be split onto multiple pages.  Click on a page number or "Next 20>" at the top to see more results.