Updated Notice Regarding "Annual Minutes" Solicitations

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office has recently become aware that an additional entity, “California Corporate Services”, has mailed solicitations titled “Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement” to businesses in Colorado. These solicitations are similar to those mailed to businesses by “Colorado Corporate Compliance” and "Board of Business Compliance" titled “Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement” or "Disclosure Statement". These solicitations offer to process corporate meeting minutes on behalf of the corporation for a fee. Despite the implications contained in the solicitations, Colorado corporations are not required by law to file corporate minutes with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

Although the solicitations contain disclaimers stating that “this offer is not being made by an agency of the government”, many constituents may misinterpret the official-looking documents to be from the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.
The forms provided by these entities are not required by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. Whether you choose to do business with California Corporate Services, Colorado Corporate Compliance or Board of Business Compliance will in no way affect your filing or status with our office.

You may check the status of a business online at www.sos.state.co.us. Select “Search Business Database” under the Business Center column of the Secretary of State’s homepage. Enter either the entity name or ID number in the appropriate field on the Records Search page. Searching by the entity’s ID number will display the Summary page. Searching by the entity name will result in a list of names similar to the name searched and will require you to select the proper record. Review the information on the Summary page to confirm that the proper record has been retrieved. The current status for the entity is listed near the middle of the Summary page.

If you receive a notice that refers to “Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement” or "Disclosure Statement" , please contact the Business Division immediately by e-mailing us at: business@sos.state.co.us or you may call 303-894-2200 and select option 2. The Business Division may request a copy of the notice, which can be faxed to 303-869-4864. Please keep the original notice, mailing envelope and return envelope for your records.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Business Division