New Bingo-Raffle Fees Effective July 1

Following a reduction in Bingo-Raffle fees announced last fall - a reduction that saved our customers over $300,000 - most fees will revert to their previous levels beginning July 1. Quarterly report fees will remain the same until the second quarter filing deadline of July 31, 2013. So, organizations will still pay nothing for second quarterly report filings as long as reports are filed before the deadline.


July 1 fee changes

Form New fee
Bingo-Raffle License $100.00
Games Manager Certificate Application
Application for a Commercial Landlord License $1,000
Application for Bingo Raffle Manufacturer License $700
Application for a Bingo Raffle Manufacturer’s Agent License $200
Application for a Bingo Raffle Supplier License $700


August 1 fee changes

Form  Current fee
through July 31
New fee
beginning August 1
Quarterly Reports
- If line 20 is less than $5,000
Free Free
- If line 20 is more than $5,000 and less than $100,000
Free Line 20 x  .005 (0.5%)
- If line 20 is more than $100,000
Free Line 20 x .006 (0.6%)