Games Manager Certificate Mail-In Exam

How does the mail-in exam work?

To apply for a certificate using the mail-in exam:

  1. Download the following documents:

  2. Complete the applicable games manager certificate application and exam.

  3. Make out a check or money order for the fee of $20.00, payable to the "Colorado Secretary of State". Do not send cash.

Mail application, exam and fee to:

Colorado Secretary of State
Bingo-Raffles Program
1700 Broadway, Ste. 200
Denver, CO 80290


I've sent my application and exam.  How long will it take?

Processing time for mail-in applications and tests is approximately 10 business days.

If you passed the test, you will receive a certificate in the mail. 

If you didn't pass the test, you will be contacted by phone or e-mail to talk about your options.


What do I need to know about the exam?

You can use notes and other references during the test.  It is an "open-book" exam.

The test has multiple choice, fill-in the blank, and short-answer questions. Some questions may have more than one correct answer.  Always choose the best answer.

There are 40 questions on the raffles-only exam and 50 questions on the bingo-raffles exam.

A passing score is 70% or higher.

Questions are taken directly from the documents listed above (under "How does the mail-in exam work?").


Can I call if I have questions?

If you have questions or need more information, call any compliance investigator at 303-894-2200, ext. 6410.